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A friend and I were having a debate on whether or not there was such a thing as a digital planner. Did being a good offline account planner automatically mean you could be a good digital one? What does it take? Since I love my job and the power it gives me to be a consumer champion I've decided to embark on a journey to prove that a 'traditional planner' can embrace the digital world.

Realising that I am going to be pulling from several sources who know what they are talking about and that there must be other planners out there in my shoes, I thought it would be worth blogging what I find. At the very least it's a good place to pull together everything for me. Without this I have a strange feeling that I will be as redundant as the banker who said 'yes buying another bank's bad debt is a really good idea'; wish me luck.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Social Gaming - Jargon for today

Officially: Social games are a structured activity that has contextual rules through which users can engage with one another. To state the obvious, Social games must be multi-player and have one or more of the following features: people take turns to play, are based on social platforms so you can share your progress easily, invite participants and provide users with an identity, and/or are casual.

Unofficially: A social Bermuda Triangle of time and a reason to connect when you don't have anything but lost socks to comment about

Useful summary 
Full report: Information Solutions Group: 2010 Social Gaming Research

Wikily: Wiki on Social Gaming

Social Games: A Bermuda Triangle for Time

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